15 Nasty Rumors Narcissists Spread About You



Narcissists are notorious for their manipulative behavior, and one of their go-to tactics is spreading malicious rumors about their victims. These rumors can be damaging to your reputation, causing emotional and psychological distress. In this article, we’ll delve into the 15 nasty rumors that narcissists commonly spread about their targets and how to cope with the aftermath.

1. You’re Crazy

Narcissists often label their victims as “crazy” to discredit their emotions and actions.

2. You’re a Liar

They accuse you of dishonesty to divert attention from their deceitful behaviors.

3. You’re Incompetent

Narcissists undermine your abilities and achievements, portraying you as incapable.

4. You’re a Manipulator

They project their manipulative traits onto you, painting you as the one pulling the strings.

5. You’re Untrustworthy

To discredit you, they claim you can’t be trusted, even if you’ve never given them a reason to doubt you.

6. You’re a Cheater

Narcissists often accuse their victims of infidelity, planting seeds of doubt in relationships.

7. You’re Emotionally Unstable

They’ll say you’re emotionally erratic to invalidate your feelings and reactions.

8. You’re a Gold Digger

Narcissists may spread rumors that you’re only after their money or resources.

9. You’re a Bad Parent

If you have children, they might claim you’re a terrible parent, even if you’re dedicated and caring.

10. You’re Attention-Seeking

To deflect from their insatiable need for attention, they project this trait onto you.

11. You’re a Substance Abuser

Narcissists may falsely accuse you of addiction issues to damage your reputation.

12. You’re a Social Outcast

They’ll claim that nobody likes you, isolating you from support systems.

13. You’re a Threat

Narcissists may portray you as a danger to society, stoking fear and mistrust.

14. You’re Controlling

They project their need for control onto you, making you appear domineering.

15. You’re Disloyal

Narcissists accuse you of betraying them, even if you’ve been loyal and supportive.

Coping with Narcissistic Rumors

Dealing with these rumors can be challenging, but remember that narcissists use them to maintain control. Seek support from friends, family, or a therapist. Keep records of the false claims for your protection. Maintain no contact with the narcissist whenever possible.


Narcissists often resort to spreading nasty rumors to undermine their victims. Recognizing these tactics and seeking support are essential steps in coping with the emotional and psychological toll of these false allegations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can rumors spread by narcissists cause long-term damage to one’s reputation?

Yes, these rumors can have lasting effects on your reputation, relationships, and mental health. It’s crucial to address and counteract them.

Should I confront the narcissist about the rumors they’re spreading?

Confrontation may not be productive as narcissists rarely admit their wrongdoing. It’s often better to focus on protecting yourself and seeking support.

Can legal action be taken against narcissists for spreading false rumors?

In some cases, you may have legal recourse if the rumors cross into defamation or harassment. Consult with a legal professional for advice.

How can I rebuild my reputation after false rumors?

Rebuilding your reputation may take time. Be consistent, stay true to your values, and surround yourself with supportive people who know the truth.

Can narcissists change their behavior and stop spreading rumors?

While it’s possible for individuals to change, narcissists rarely seek help or acknowledge their actions. It’s safer to focus on self-protection and healing.